You Say Potato I Say Patata! The Weird and Wonderful Online Shopping Substitutes

Online food shopping is something we can all benefit from, you get to avoid the old grandmas blocking up aisles while staring aimlessly at dried prunes and brandy snaps, the temper tantrum children running amok because mummy or daddy wont let them have a kinder egg and the worst offender the silent guffer who is queuing in the same que as you while you try to convince everyone around you that it wasn’t you. Also being able to do it online you can do so while sitting in your underpants without the risk of disapproving looks from other customers. There is one disadvantage though if that item is out of stock you run the risk of receiving substitutes sometimes not a bad thing but if you were expecting a sweet treat of strawberry laces and end up receiving a pair of red shoe laces it can be somewhat disappointing, chewing on red nylon just does not cut it. Here we have found some of the most weird and wonderful online shopping substitute fails.

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