What Could England’s Rugby Union XV be in 2019?

CourtneyLawes2015 is almost well and truly over. From an England perspective it probably can’t come soon enough.

Although the rest of the World may be partaking in schadenfreude at Englands expense there is a strong case that the future could be brighter than expected. All credit in the bank for all players will have disappeared as soon as Stuart Lancaster moved aside, and new England manager Eddie Jones, will be itching to close down the bank altogether. Nepitism, also, could be something of the past. I doubt Mike Ford will be brought in given the situation that existed with Farrell Jr and Sr although one will never really know how deep that argument brought up by the media went.

It’s way too early to be discussing the next Lions tours let alone the next World Cup in Japan, 2019. It’s fun to think ahead though and with England having such a depth of players and resources it’s worth looking into. We’ve included some stats however one has to appreciate that certain teams did go further so therefore had more chances to increase in depth and key stats.

Starting from 1 to 15 we look at some of the players that could play a major role in bringing the World Cup back to HQ in 2019.

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