How Awful Footballers Really Are

PizzaroIf you were the boss of a company paying people thousands of pounds each and every week you would expect the very best results, limited mistakes if any at all, and the very best end product regardless of pressure.

Football though isn’t like that sadly. Thousands of pounds are poured down the proverbial drainpipe that are players’ legs and when it comes down to it, it’s the boss that’s fired because the player can’t hit the net despite it being their full time job. Can you imagine a milkman delivering milk daily and three times out of ten when he gets to the front door he drops the bottle and smashes it? Or maybe an admin assistant who is required to fax ten documents comes back claiming only four were sent because they “missed” the fax machine? Thought not.

This video shows some of the poorest misses in the sport. Narrated by Danny Dyer but well worth the watch and may make fans thinking of paying for a new shirt or ticket to think again.

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