Can You Crack the ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Code?

With the upcoming release of ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ on the 12th March 2016, trailers have been screened across various US cinemas prior to the movie screening of ‘Deadpool’. If you dont know already ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ plot is basically about a woman having survived a car accident, she wakes up in an underground cellar. She fears she has been abducted by a survivalist, who tells her he saved her life, and that a worldwide chemical attack has left Earth’s surface uninhabitable. Uncertain what to believe, she decides she must escape, no matter what dangers she may face outside. As you probably would figure its probably not the brightest idea she would have. Anyway, cinemas were each sent different versions of the trailer, each slightly differing. During the trailer of the movie viewers may have noticed that come the end of the trailer there would be a sudden frame that would flash and if blinked you would miss it. Some were lucky enough to have caught it but to actually make out the image clearly you would have to freeze frame it, and that’s exactly what a bunch of internet nerds decided to do and thanks to them we to can see the images. What could it all mean though? There is an image of a man falling into water, a miltary tag, a smoking monkey, a photo of an old football team and a picture of a nautical-themed magazine. What does it have to do with the Cloverfield monster huh? The only link we can see between the pictures is the nautical theme, there is also a serious of numbers which could mean something, Im no de-coder so Im not even going to try and figure it out, I will just leave that to you genuineness. If you missed it here are the five images that were flashed up.

If you figure out what it means if it in fact means anything at all do let us at Guzzable know. In the meantime you can watch the trailer for ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ on the next page.

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